‘Married to Jonas’ Recap: Dani Finally Makes It to Chile

May 19, 2013 10:35 pm

After a few weeks in South America, touring life is starting to get to the Jonas Brothers on Married to Jonas.

But they find a way to lift their spirits: Ladies Night at the hotel bar downstairs.

“I don’t necessarily love doing these things without Dani,” says Kevin. “But she’s not here yet, might as well go hang out once last night with the boys.”

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Since he’s married, he offers to act as a “wing man” for the group, including his brother Nick and Joe and Dani’s brother Mike, and they even do a little role playing with Joe acting as a single woman to test his skills.

But once they get to Ladies Night, it’s a bit of a bust since, as Joe points out, it’s more of a Dudes Night.

Luckily for Kevin, Dani finally arrives the next day after a string of canceled flights from New Jersey. But her mushy reunion with doesn’t last long once JoBros fans spot them on the balcony and start cheering.

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Once they arrive at the venue in Santiago and start sound checking, Mike’s nerves get the best of him, which he talks about with Dani. “I think you’re being too hard on yourself,” she tells him. “I don’t know, I’m just really freaked out,” responds her brother.

But after a pep talk from Joe, Mike is ready to rock Santiago. “He did amazing,” gushes Dani, trying to hold back the tears.

In a preview for next week’s episode, Dani finally has her big Cosmo photo shoot … but there are some break downs along the way.