Demi Lovato on Ex Joe Jonas: ‘We Have a Great Friendship’

May 20, 2013 8:57 am

Demi Lovato sings a lot about love and heartbreak … and it sounds like it’s because she has a lot of personal experience.

In a new interview with ABC’s Nightline News, the “Heart Attack” singer opens up about her split with Joe Jonas in 2010.

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“We were in a relationship and we broke up, and at one point, I was really mad at him,” Demi explained.

Even now, thee years later, she still sometimes struggles with those emotions. “When you go through heartbreaks and things like that, you always have in mind somebody,” she said. “It’s like when you hear a song on the radio that reminds you of somebody, you’re going to be reminded. But keeping that in mind … it’s a delicate balance.”

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But time has healed some wounds and now, Demi and Joe share a different kind of relationship: a tight friendship.

“Now, I can, fortunately, say, that him and his brother Nick, have always been there for me, and are literally family, and like brothers,” revealed Demi. “We have a great friendship. And we may not be as close as we used to be, but that’s OK.”