Pitbull Dishes on Jennifer Lopez, Playing a Frog in ‘Epic’ … and Marriage

May 21, 2013 8:25 am

Pitbull and his swag stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about his upcoming movie Epic, as well as his thoughts on everything from his work ethic to marriage.

The rapper, who was raised listening to motivational tapes, shared: “My mom actually raised me off of Anthony Robbins. I would sit in the car going to fifth grade…[and] I went to go touch the radio and she had the motivational tapes in there and she said, ‘Do you pay for this car?’ I said, ‘No’. She said, ‘Don’t touch my radio.'”

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And it was those messages that formed the foundation for his success today. “I don’t believe in failure,” says Pitbull. “I just believe in epic learn[ing] … it taught you there’s no success without failure and there’s no winning without losing.”

When Pitbull came in to the studio, we couldn’t help but notice how good he smelled. Naturally, he says his next venture is fragrance. “It’s my new cologne. Look out for something I’m working on now, I can’t say the name yet cause it’s not properly trademarked, but as soon as it is, just look for it.”

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But music still is a main part of Pit’s life and he’s once again climbing the charts with his latest hit song, “Live It Up” with Jennifer Lopez. “You know what’s funny, I picked this record two years ago in Paris with [producer] Red One. I was in there with him … he actually played me a bunch of hits that come off Nicki Minaj‘s record … I heard them before she jumped on and I heard this one and he’s like, ‘My brother, I’m thinking of giving it to Jennifer Lopez’…and I said, ‘Well if J.Lo doesnt take it, just know, I’m gonna take it!’ And then sure enough we ended up doing it together.”

Working with Jennifer was quite the learning experience. Pit revealed that he “learns a lot from her every time I get the chance, I just watch how she moves. How diligent she is, militant at times, but very professional and a hard worker.”

And for his upcoming animated flick Epic, he got to work with other huge names in Hollywood.

“When I got involved with Epic I didn’t know who was involved with it, so it’s a true honor to be in the same movie as a voice with Steven TylerBeyoncé KnowlesColin Farrell and when I got involved I didn’t know anybody … all they showed me was a frog and I said, ‘I’m game. I’ll be a frog. It’s good to be a frog in a forest; get a kiss, become a prince, you know how that works…but [his character] Bufo was great then I came back and they had a suit on him and they used my facial gestures and my hands …When I saw my voice on the frog, I felt like a little kid again. So now I’m the big joke around my kids, the ‘pooper of parties,’ they’re always like, ‘Papi’s a frog!'”

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And after talking all business, we had to ask, what above love for the rapper? “I’m in love with the hustle. I’m in love with the journey,” Pitbull joked.”The only real thing in my life are the real people in my life so I’m very protective of them.”

He also admitted there won’t be a Mrs. Worldwide any time soon. “I’m happily unmarried. I’m not a big believer of a piece of paper telling me that me and you love each other …A good friend told me, ‘I don’t get married, so I don’t get divorced.'”

For more from Pitbull, like how he stays under the radar and going on tour with Ke$ha, listen to the full interview above!

And catch Pitbull as Bufo in Epic when it hits theaters this Friday.

While we had Pitbull in the studio, we had him fill out a Q&A about his new film, Epic:

Pitbull Q&A