Hop on Alicia Keys’ Tour Bus in New Behind-the-Scenes Video

May 22, 2013 10:00 am

When listing adjectives that describe superstar Alicia Keys, needy isn’t one of them.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Alicia gives fans a glimpse into what life is like on her tour bus.

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Unlike horror stories that are often told about a musician’s road trip, Alicia admitted that she enjoys her time on the tour bus. The 32-year-old singer said that the bus is a great place to go after the show to “relax, watch TV, and hang out.”

Wearing a beanie and a big pair of sunglasses, Alicia shows that glam is nowhere to be found on the road. She described the sleeping arrangements as “coffin-esque cots,” but did say that she enjoys the “rocking” feeling when sleeping on the bus.

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Alicia also revealed that her 2-year-old son Egypt is accompanying her during the current stretch of the Set the World on Fire, tour. Alicia said that she is trying to figure out how to create a “peaceful environment,” for Egypt, as this is his first time on the tour bus.

The Set the World on Fire Tour continues through July 4 in Tel Aviv, Israel