Desiree Hartsock: There’s ‘Double Standard’ in ‘Bachelorette,’ ‘Bachelor’

May 23, 2013 8:33 am

Desiree Hartsock is back as this season’s Bachelorette on ABC … and she’s officially ready for love.

After being eliminated from The Bachelor following the hometown visits during Sean Lowe‘s season, the 26-year-old reveals she was “emotional because I thought it was a mistake at the time, but of course that’s changed.”

So what has Des returning to the TV dating world?

“I wanted to come back because I know from first-hand experience the feelings are very real and you really can form a relationship from it … throughout this season you’ll see I really wanted to make sure I was going to be the right person for them, as well, because I was really aware of that. I made sure if I’m not going to be the right person for you, let me know. It’s always a two-way street.”

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However, when it comes to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette it’s not always a fair street.

There are “double standards,” Desiree admitted. “I do think that being a girl you’re judged a little bit differently, but I don’t get it. I try to take each and every relationship completely separate so when you’re dating someone you have to kiss to see if there’s going to be a connection. That’s where it’s tricky.”

Naturally, Des will be kissing a lot of eligible men this season. Of her suitors, Ryan mentioned he’s rooting for Brooks, while Ellen is for Juan. But what about Zach who shows up shirtless in the first episode and asks, “Will you accept these abs?”

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The reality star is keeping mum though, only divulging: “You’ll have to stay tuned. I feel like all these guys, they really surprised.”

And although she won’t reveal her feelings for any particular bachelor, she did admit she’s not in it for the fame.

“That is not my desire at all,” said Desiree. “It was a surprise for me to even be on TV, so I want nothing more to go back to my normal day to day life … I definitely don’t want to be an actress, not at all.”

Tune in to see Desiree’s fate play out on the premiere of The Bachelorette on ABC Monday, May 27 at 8/7c.