‘Married to Jonas’ Finale: Dani’s Cosmo Shoot Brings out Tears

May 26, 2013 10:35 pm

In the season finale of Married to Jonas, Kevin and Danielle Jonas realize they need a bigger place.

So they head out to do some house-hunting with his mother … but they’re not alone.

When they arrive at the first residence, there’s a group of neighbors congregated in the street hoping for a glimpse of the famous couple.

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And they don’t find any more privacy once they step inside: the family who live in the house and their friends are all there to watch Kevin and Danielle take a tour with the real estate agent.

With Dani’s deadline with Cosmopolitan looming, she has the Jonas-Deleasa clans get together to cook their own special recipes, which she’ll then use for her magazine column … if only she can get them to write down the ingredients instead of preparing the meals from memory.

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When the big day comes for the Cosmo feature, everything starts off great with Kevin and Dani’s super-cute photo shoot in their kitchen.

Meanwhile, in the basement, the Deleasa family is trying to pick out their outfits for the magazine spread … and Dani’s youngest sister Katie has a meltdown when everyone teases her about what she’s wearing.

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Eventually, everything comes together and the photo shoot goes off without a hitch.

But soon enough, the tears start flowing again when Mike leaves to pursue his music career in Los Angeles.

What did you think about this season of Married to Jonas? Excited for another one of Kevin, Dani, and their fun families?