Adam Levine Responds to Backlash for ‘I Hate This Country’ Comment

May 29, 2013 10:26 am

The results on Tuesday night’s The Voice shocked viewers … but a comment Adam Levine made under his breath is making even bigger headlines.

After Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were voted off the singing competition, the Maroon 5 singer vented his frustration at losing members of his team.

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“I hate this country,” muttered Adam to himself, which was picked up by his mic and broadcast to millions of people on TV (listen at 1:14 mark above).

Although the Voice mentor was upset with the voting and not the country as a whole, that’s not the way people perceived it and Twitter blew up with anti-Adam comments.

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He used the same platform to defend himself on Wednesday.

In a series of four tweets, Adam simply posted the definitions of “joke,” “humorless,” “lighthearted,” and “misunderstand.”