‘America’s Next Top Model’ Winner Lisa D’Amato Is Pregnant

May 29, 2013 8:59 am

From America’s Next Top Model to Top Mommy!

Lisa D’Amato, who won the title on the All-Stars season in 2011, has announced that she’s five-months-pregnant with a baby boy.

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The 32-year-old reality star tells E! News that she and hubby Adam Friedman may name their son Jesus since “we were using birth control.”

Although Lisa is excited to become a mom, she does say the pregnancy “has been a complete nightmare, to be honest. I can’t believe women do this on the daily! I haven’t been bedridden or anything, but nausea all day everyday and only starchy fatty foods help it subside.”

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That would explain why she posted a photo of a turkey dog with the works on Instagram over the weekend.

But Lisa will be balancing out the carbs with some healthy exercise, “so I don’t turn into a Cinnabon and can hopefully be a MILF in a month’s time,” she joked to E! News. “My nausea has subsided a lot the last couple weeks, so I feel a bit more in control …”