Ludacris Talks ‘Fast & Furious 7′ — And How He Got That Rock-Hard Bod

May 29, 2013 8:20 am

Ludacris, better known this past weekend as Tej from Fast & Furious 6 phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about his No. 1 movie, as well as how he scored that rock-hard bod!

The rapper-actor explained that success of the Fast & Furious franchise is because it “defies the rules of sequels. They seem to be getting better each time, as opposed to worse … Personally, I feel like Fast 5 reinvigorated the franchise — it’s like it started all over again. And the cats out of the bag: [fans] see Jason Statham at the end of this one, so we’re getting ready for Fast 7. So there’s no telling … we may become the most successful franchise in history.”

As for Ludacris’ role in the sixth flick — which raked in a whopping $403 million in its first weekend — the star shares that the comic relief his character brings is, at times, a bit of improv.

“You have to understand there are so many serious characters … that we have to balance things out. Me and Tyrese, we come in there and have fun and … every now and then they let us do our thing and at the end when it gets edited together, they usually use some of our lines, so it’s a beautiful thing. I love being the comic relief of the movie.”

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And aside from being funny, Ludacris shows off his rock solid bod in the flick. “Man, listen, hard work pays off … You can’t be around Vin Diesel and the Rock [Dwayne Johnson] and nothing happen,” joked Ludacris. “You just hang around them and muscles pop out.”

Another benefit of starring in the Fast & Furious franchise? He’s always bought a car from the installment he appeared in. So did he make a purchase his time?

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“This time around, since we shot in London, and the damn steering wheel was on the other side, I did not buy one from this one,” Ludacris explained. “I don’t live in London and don’t want to bring that car to the States and get messed up and accidentally have a crash, so I decided to leave this one out but we’ll see about Fast 7.”

And speaking of No. 7, we had to ask Luda about those Rihanna and Halle Berry rumors. “I have no idea,” he said. “But I’m hoping for Halle Berry … well both of them … but we’ll see what happens. They always seem to surprise even us sometimes.”