‘The Wanted Life’ Premiere: The Boys Kick off L.A. Life With a Party

June 2, 2013 8:20 pm

The Wanted Life has finally premiered … and it’s giving fans an all-access behind-the-scenes look at the wild lives of The Wanted.

It begins with the five boys (and two of their girlfriends) moving in to their new Los Angeles mansion, and immediately getting the party started with shots.

But there is some business, too. The band meets with producer-writer Wayne Hector to discuss their upcoming album.

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Before long, they’re back to cutting loose. The Wanted decide to “christen” their house with a massive party.

“I feel like we’re pregnant women,” Jay tells Max. “But we’re pregnant with a party. And it’s just far bigger than our birth canal.”

Of course, there are lots of pretty girls at the party … but one in particular that grabs the attention of both Jay and Max. Unfortunately for the mop-topped singer, she prefers Max. And before long, she gets a “tour” of his bedroom upstairs.

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Fans also get to see The Wanted record their latest single, “Walks Like Rihanna,” but Tom has some difficulties hitting the right notes, thanks to his late night.

But that doesn’t stop them from hitting the town. Although everyone is having a great time, Siva doesn’t really let loose with his girlfriend Nareesha around.

The Wanted’s manager, Scooter Braun, then calls them into his office for a meeting, where he warns them about partying too much and not focusing enough on being in the successful boy band.

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The boys do get a chance to prove themselves when they perform … and totally kill it. Just one problem: Nathan’s voice is a mess and he can barely speak after the show.

Later, in the studio, he continues to struggle. Although everyone initially thinks he’s just sick, it’s clear it’s something bigger, so he heads to a doctor to get checked out. “We’ve got so much going on,” he says whispering. “I don’t want to miss out on any of that.”

Catch The Wanted Life every Sunday on E! at 10/9c.