Top 10 Most Ridiculous Apps for Your Smart Phone

June 4, 2013 10:08 am

Bored at work? Tired of Angry Birds and Temple Run? Want an app so pointless that you can’t seem to put it down? Well, we are counting down the top 10 most ridiculous apps for your smart phone … and trust us these are real.

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10) Kiss Me

Price: $0.99

This app is perfect for high school heartthrobs who are concerned that their kissing ability just isn’t up to par. For just $0.99, you can practice your smooching skills on your iPhone. After you lay your lips on the touch screen, the app will award you a rating and give you a flirtatious response. Just make sure you clean off your phone before using.

Kiss Me App


9) Rockpocalypse

Price: Free

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? Well, he is serving up a beat down on some bad guys in this adventure game app. Become Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and help save Studio 51 as a strange pathogen has poisoned his co-workers on the set of his new movie. Tooth Fairy has got nothing on this.

Rockpocalypse App


8) Be Like Lil Wayne

Price: $1.99

Ever wondered what you would look like with a face tattoo?  Well for $1.99, Lil Wayne will help you find out. After taking a selfie, the app allows you to add dreadlocks, bling, a grill for your teeth, and so much more to your normal face. Then give your parents a scare by sending them the photo of your new look.

Be Like Lil' Wayne App



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7) DJ Pauly D – Beat the Boardwalk

Price: Free

Yes you read it right; Pauly D has his own game. With graphics that are comparable to the Super Nintendo, help the former Jersey Shore star snag points, pizza, and chicks while he avoids angry juiceheads, grenades, and executives who try to put an end to his nonsense. Don’t forget to stop at the tanning salon to prevent Pauly from becoming deathly pale (you do actually lose points for that).

Pauly D App



6) Taxi Hold ‘Em

Price: Free

A true explanation for why taxi drivers are always cutting you off, this app helps you whistle down a cab by holding up your iPhone. The little screen will produce a blinking image that reads, “taxi,” which is supposed to grab the cabbie’s attention as he is speeding down the road.

Taxi Hold Em' App


5) Hold On

Price: $0.99

For those of you with carpal tunnel syndrome, this is not for you. The point of Hold On is to hold down a single button for as long as possible. Literally a game that may never end, the app records and saves your personal best time.

Hold On App


4) Dress Up Drake

Price: Free

There are no further features to this game then what you see in the title. Prepare Drake in different outfits for different situations in his life (like a date with Amanda Bynes perhaps?). Also make sure you get dressed before sitting on the couch to play with this app.

Dress Up Drake App


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3) Cry Translator

Price: $4.99

Attention parents! If you struggle to figure out why your child is upset there is now an app for you. Record your baby crying on your iPhone and this app will analyze the tears to uncover the mystery of  your toddlers’ sadness. Could it be hunger, in need of a diaper change … or the fact that you are holding a cell phone in his or her face?

Cry Translator


2) The T-Pain Engine

Price: $29.99

This is actually a pretty entertaining app. The reason that it is this high on the list is that it will cost you $29.99. Pretend to be like T-Pain and add auto tune to everything you say.

T-Pain App


1) SimStapler

Price: Free

All you do is tap a fake stapler. You get points for how many staples you use. Enough said.

SimStapler App