Miley Cyrus’ New Album ‘Not Hip-Hop Heavy,’ Says Pharrell Williams

June 6, 2013 12:21 pm

Miley Cyrus worked with mega producer-singer-songwriter, Pharrell Williams on her upcoming album … and he has some pretty nice things to say about her.

“Southern people just have this thing, [...] value and appreciation, she just has that thing coming from Nashville,” he tells MTV News.

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“At the tender age she is at now, she is just getting started” Pharrell adds, “[Her album] is going to sound like her and her influences, but it is not super hip-hop heavy”

Check out what else Pharrell had to say about Miley’s new album:

This past Monday, Miley debuted her newest single “We Can’t Stop” with On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and it quickly hit No. 1 in 15 countries.

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Miley also revealed that she doesn’t have an exact release date set yet, but he record will be out sometime “this year.” She added, “I’m really happy with my record because I feel like I have so many options for singles … My record is like a movie. It’s a story of what I’ve been going through the past two years.”