‘The Internship’ Star Vince Vaughn: Google’s Like Wonka’s Factory

June 6, 2013 8:40 am

Vince Vaughn phoned in to  On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about his latest comedy The Internship, as well as his obsession with the restaurant Benihana.

The funnyman explained the movie, which revolves around him and co-star Owen Wilson taking on the challenge of an internship at Google amongst brainy teens, is not only “really funny … but it’s really about when things go against you [and] not giving up on your dreams.”

“It also does that where relationships are concerned,” Vince continued. “Rose Byrne in the movie plays the girl who is really dedicated to her job and she feels like she’s spent time on her work and hasn’t met anyone and doesn’t have anything in her life, and then sort of being open to feeling like it’s not too late to start that.”

So how did Google feel about the movie when Vince first approached them?

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“You know what was funny was they really had a sense of humor about themselves, thankfully … and it’s fun to get a peek behind the curtain it is like [Willy Wonka's] Chocolate Factory … they were really great … I was kidding around, but it really is like going to Club Med or Sandals. The food is all free and you’re never supposed to be more than 150 feet away from food, which is both a good thing and can be a bad thing, too.”

Free food and smart people aren’t the only things Google has a lot of, added Vince. “They do have nap pods … and they have swimming pools and volleyball courts and they play that game from Harry Potter, Quidditch, but they play it as a real sport. They’re obviously not flying around, they’re running around with brooms between their legs, which feels like a high injury sport, but they’re enthusiastic about it.”

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And speaking of food, Vince also laughed about a recent rendezvous at Japanese restaurant, Benihana, which is also one of Ryan’s favorites. “[It] is my go-to as well … as a kid you think to yourself, ‘Man, imagine if I could go to Benihana every night’ and then as an adult  you can make that dream come true.”

Catch The Internship in theaters this FridayJune 7!