Dueling Piano and Drums Take Center Stage on ‘Billie Jean’ Cover

June 7, 2013 9:01 pm

Taking on a Michael Jackson is not an easy task, but these YouTubers make it their own.

Michael Henry and Justin Robinett are the masterminds behind the creative video that takes a new spin on one of The King of Pop’s hit song, “Billie Jean.”

It’s easy to just sing this song in its original form and maybe throw in a Moonwalk or two, but these guys make their video a little more different.

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In the video, Michael and Justin are paired up with their own drumset and keyboard on the side of them that takes us for a musical adventure. At first one is seen playing the drums while the other is pounding on the keyboards until both start to simulateously play both instruments while singing.

Even while the two are seen catching, throwing, and even spinning their drumsticks to one another they are still able to play the piano with one hand. Talk about talent!

Do you think Michael would be proud after hearing this cover?