‘Game of Thrones’ Author Talks Blood Baths With Ryan Seacrest

June 7, 2013 9:47 am

Unlike many other writers who try to save the good guys and slay off the bad ones, George R. R. Martin has no problem killing off the popular characters.

Ryan Seacrest sat down with the author behind HBO’s hit TV series, Game of Thrones, Friday morning on Today, where George revealed that his willingness to kill off any character is what separates him from many less brave writers. Fans of the show are still shocked and even grieving the latest blood bath on last Sunday’s episode.

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“I can respect where they’re coming from,” George said in the interview. “I want to go for the really strong emotions. I want you to be involved. I want to make characters that are so real to you, that when they die, it’s like your mother died or you dog got run over by a truck … You really do feel it, profoundly.”

For those who can’t wait to see this Sunday’s season finale at 9 p.m., we wouldn’t expect anything less than jaw-dropping.

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“I want my readers, or the viewers, in the case of a television show, to feel the danger, to feel they don’t know what’s going to happen next,” he continued. “They don’t know who’s going to live or who’s going to die.”

Watch the whole interview below, where George also tells fans to be patient for the next book:

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