Missing ‘Entourage’? ‘The Wanted Life’ Is Your New Party Pal

June 7, 2013 11:46 am

If you’ve been watching The Wanted Life, then you probably have realized that the quintet is not your typical boy band.

In fact, The Wanted are more like another famous group of guys in Los Angeles also known for their love of a good time … the characters of Entourage.

First up, we have Max George, who is just as good of a ladies man as he is a singer, much like Entourage‘s Vince (played by Adrian Grenier). In the premiere episode, we saw Max hook up with a pretty brunette at a party the band through … only to strike out majorly with a “ginger” waitress in a later scene at a local pub.



Then, there’s Siva Kaneswaran, whose girlfriend Nareesha also lives with The Wanted at their L.A. mansion. Perhaps it’s her influence, but Siva shows a lot of responsibility, especially in the premiere episode when he actually left a party thrown by The Wanted early to go to sleep.

That same characteristics are very, very similar to Vince’s agent Eric, who was played by Kevin Connolly on Entourage.

Over the eight seasons of the HBO hit series, Jeremy Piven‘s character, Ari, made a name for himself as the pushy, aggressive agent of Vince. But he also had another talent: great, unfiltered one-liners … just as Jay McGuiness does.

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In the premiere episode alone, he had us laughing out loud with a barrage of gems. When describing their new L.A. pad, Jay explained it was “It’s like the Playboy mansion, but nicer and cleaner and less dirty stuff in the pool … for now.”

The baby of the group, 19-year-old Nathan Sykes, may be the youngest, but maturity-wise, he’s the oldest of The Wanted … which sometimes puts him on the receiving end of teasing from his bandmates.

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Still, Nathan brings about a calm to the group and is often the voice of reason, much like Turtle (played by Jerry Ferrara) did for his pals on Entourage. Another thing the two have in common: Nathan is consistently single and without a female companion, just as it was for Turtle.

Like Siva, Tom Parker also has a girlfriend, who lives in The Wanted’s mansion. But unlike Nareesha, Kelsey is as big of a party animal than her male roommates, especially her boyfriend. But Tom also realizes that fame can be fleeting and that he should enjoy these opportunities now … a motto very similar to that of Johnny “Drama,” who was played by Kevin Dillon.

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