Taylor Swift Ready to Write Next Album: ‘The Anxiety Is Starting’

June 7, 2013 1:13 pm

Hopefully no men have been getting on Taylor Swift‘s bad side lately.

The multi-platinum singer is showing no signs of slowing down… in fact, she’s already looking ahead towards writing songs for her next album.

“It’s starting,” Taylor told reporters backstage at the CMT Music Awards. “The anxiety is starting, and when the anxiety starts, the writing happens right afterwards usually.”

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Fans should not be expecting an album anytime soon though because producing hit songs does take some time. The “Everything Has Changed” singer said that she likes to write for two years before finishing an album.

And if you think you’ll be hearing the same Taylor on her next album … think again.

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“Whatever I write the first year is going to get thrown away because I’m going to sound [like what I’ve done before],” the singer says. “I feel like staying the same is the easy way to go, but it’s not where I want to go musically.”

That’s what we like to hear Tay, keeping things original! And speaking of original, maybe Taylor will get some inspiration from Jay Leno after he performed his own rendition of her popular hit song “22,” which he called “63.”

Who knows, maybe there be a collaboration on her next album? (Yeah, probably not …)