Victoria Justice: My Solo Album Is ‘100 Percent My Personality’

June 7, 2013 8:56 am

Good news, Victorious fans! Victoria Justice says she’s focusing on dropping her own debut album later this year.

Though the Nickelodeon star is no stranger to the mic (she’s currently gearing up for a summer tour with Big Time Rush), Victoria tells Billboard that she’s ready for her first solo album. “It definitely falls under the category of pop, but it’s my own vibe,” she explains. “I’m very excited for everyone to hear my own sound and who I am as an artist. I’ve been cultivating it for a while now, and I think it’s definitely come time for me to reintroduce myself to people.”

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So what can fans expect from the album? “It’s 100 percent my personality, messages I want to get across. Some of the songs are really fun, upbeat stuff you can dance to, and then I have some songs that are a little more introspective, a little more mellow. It’s just all me, basically, so it’s very cool,” the actress explains.

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There’s no set release date for the album, but there won’t be any shortage of the Nick star in the upcoming months. Victoria and the boys of BTR kick off their Summer Break Tour June 21 and will hit the road through August.