‘The Wanted Life’ Recap: Siva’s Torn Between Group and Girlfriend

June 9, 2013 11:01 pm

The Wanted are still getting acclimated to life in Los Angeles, but this week on The Wanted Life, they get a guest: Max’s brother Jack, who has come to spend a week in L.A.

“He’s the one person I look up to,” says the singer. “He’s my absolute hero.”

So The Wanted welcome him the way they know: Everyone drinks beers in the Jacuzzi and then Jack and Max jump off the balcony into the pool.

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But things go from fun to tense when the band is told they’ll be traveling to Las Vegas to perform … and girlfriends are not allowed, which upsets Siva and makes him not want to go.

“If Siva doesn’t come to Vegas, it’s not going to be a good image onstage,” says Tom. “We’ve got work … this is our job. This is what we get paid to do. He needs to be there.”

But the band has an even bigger problem when it comes to Nathan‘s vocal health. After suffering pain and hoarseness, he finally goes to see a doctor. “You can immediately see one vocal cord doesn’t look like the other cord,” the doc tells him … which is not good news because he puts Nathan on vocal rest. “This could be my career finished at 19,” he admits.

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And with The Wanted down a member temporarily, they need Siva to step up and come to Vegas, after all. But he still doesn’t want to, so their manager Scooter Braun has a private conversation with him. And it does that trick!

Despite the fact that Nareesha is upset, only the boys head to Sin City, but she’s still on Siva’s mind. As the band parties with a group of girls by the pool, he sits by himself and talks on the phone. And after their performance at 1Oak, he steps offstage and heads straight back to the hotel to Skype with his girlfriend… which completely infuriates Tom.

Watch it all come to a head on next week’s The Wanted Life, which airs on Sundays at 10/9c on E!.