Mario Kart 8 Announced: 6 Celebs Who Remind Us of Game’s Characters

June 11, 2013 3:04 pm

Warm up your thumbs, it’s time to hit the raceway.

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During this week’s E3 conference (for those of you who have no idea what that means, it is the Electronic Entertainment Expo or in other words a huge video game conference), Nintendo announced it will be launching Mario Kart 8 in Spring 2014! In honor of the exciting news, we have compared the characters of the classic game to some of our favorite celebrities:

Mario/Justin Timberlake: The Man Who Does Everything
Justin can sing, dance, act, design clothes, play golf, and just about anything else you ask him to do. Mario, for his part, has appeared in over 200 video games since his creation, starred in his own television series, influenced a line of licensed merchandise, and countless other things a computer-simulated plumber can do. See some similarities?

Timberlake and Mario

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Luigi/Aaron Carter: The Overshadowed Brother
It’s tough being the younger brother of a superstar. For these guys, they learned the hard way. Both Luigi and Aaron had a few hits, but never quite the same success of their fraternal competitor. Aaron had “Aaron’s Party” and “How I Beat Shaq,” but his brother, Nick Carter, was a Backstreet Boy and named “Sexiest Man in the World” by Cosmogirl in 2002, beating out Justin Timberlake. Luigi has been featured as the starring role in a few games, but has always been known as just a sidekick and could never save Princess Peach like his older sibling could.

Luigi and Carter

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Yoshi/Pitbull: The Ultimate Teammate
These guys are good by themselves , but pair them up on your team and you can’t lose. Both fan favorites, Yoshi and Pitbull can carry the weight of any good partnership. Yoshi has literally carried Mario on his back in video games as Mario’s dinosaur companion. On the other hand, featuring Pitbull on your new single means a No. 1 hit. Just ask: Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Igelsias, Usher, and Christina Aguilera.

Yoshi and Pitbull

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Toad/Justin Bieber: The Young Speedster
Toad is typically a top selection in Mario Kart because of his quickness and ability to squeeze through traffic on the roads, and as we know Justin owns a fleet of luxury sports cars, including a Ferrari and a Fisker Karma, which sometimes get him into trouble. But their both just so darn cute, aren’t they?

Bieber and Toad

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Peach/Taylor Swift: The Princess
For starters, they almost look alike, right? Both these two gals are the pinnacle of what everyone wants to be. They rule their kingdom (the music charts for Taylor and the Mushroom Kingdom for Peach) and get the attention of all the boys. The only difference is that Peach gets saved by Mario every time and Taylor has not found her knight in shining armor … yet.

Swift and Princess Peach

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Wario/PSYThe Loud One
Both these guys are fantastic in doses … but a little too much of Wario’s laugh and him screaming his own name is just as rough as one too many “Gangnam Style” dance parodies. But Wario and PSY do get some bonus points for their cool sense of style!

Wario and PSY

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