‘Bling Ring’ Actor Gavin Rossdale Talks Father’s Day with Gwen & Kids

June 13, 2013 9:29 am

Gavin Rossdale is putting his singing and daddy duties aside to play a shady club promoter in The Bling Ring, a Sofia Coppola flick based on the true story of a group of fame-obsessed teenagers who robbed celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, and more.

“It was a big thing going on that we all heard about,” the singer-actor explains. “I didn’t know what to expect of it. When I got the call from Sofia … I was so excited. I just wanted to be in the film and then having seen it, it’s a really unsettling film in the sense that you get the insight of what the celebrity culture has spawned.”

The scariest part, Gavin adds, is that “these people … have no remorse … they just want all the riches and none of the work. They want to just arrive there and get everything … and the most telling is they don’t see anything wrong from stealing from people.”

And those people include some of Gavin’s own friends, like the Lord of the Rings actor. “I wondered I should ask Orlando if he got his watches back cause I remember at the time he was really upset because he gets a lot of his vintage Rolexes taken. I didn’t find out if he got them returned.”

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And while off-set, Gavin can be seen sporting is signature “mun” aka the man bun. So does Gavin know he started the trend?

“The mun? I don’t know the mun,” he says laughing. “Well, I stole it from the Samurais. They were the original … I was finding different ways to become a ninja than having to train, I went straight to the fashion.”

Speaking of style, we’re sure his fashion designer-wife Gwen Stefani rubs off on him, as well. But is there something else that rubs off … like Gwen’s signature red lips? Gavin says he doesn’t fear he’ll be covered in her red kisses ever.

“No, I dont worry about that. You know there’s plenty of ways, soap and water is fine … it’s all worth it!”

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So how will the dad to Kingston and Zuma celebrate Father’s Day this weekend?

“They’re still at the age where they tell me about the surprises. Like, ‘Don’t go in that room your surprise is in there’ … but I don’t know what to expect [this weekend] and Gwen is always really good at that stuff. She knows how to make any day fun.”

Catch The Bling Ring in theaters this Friday!