Emma Watson on Wearing Revealing Clothing in ‘Bling Ring’

June 13, 2013 8:21 am

The Bling Ring is hitting theaters this Friday, but before then a new featurette has been released.

In it, the stars of the flick and its director Sofia Coppola discuss bringing the real-life characters to the big screen.

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“I tried to tell the story from the kids’ point of view,” explains Sofia, as the characters are shown going through Paris Hilton‘s closet.

“All of my usual fashion rules went out the window,” says Emma Watson, who plays teenage bandit Nicky. “Visible cleavage, very short skirts …”

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Adds Sofia, “You can get caught up in the teen bad behavior side, but in the end hopefully it’ll give you something to think about.”

Are you going to see The Bling Ring when it hits theaters on Friday?