Seth Rogen Dishes on Rihanna Butt Slap in ‘This Is The End’

June 14, 2013 7:51 am

Seth Rogen might be the funniest dude in Hollywood.

The actor wrote and directed This Is the End, an apocalyptic comedy where James FrancoJonah HillDanny McBrideMichael CeraJason SegelPaul Rudd, and more all play ridiculous, exaggerated versions of themselves.

Seth shared on On Air with Ryan Seacrest that the idea for the stars to play themselves is one he had been contemplating for awhile.

“For years, actually, we’ve been trying to come up with a way to do that … We’ve always been fans, I mean Seinfield did it and Larry Saunders Show. We always loved Curb Your Enthusiasm and we just always thought what would be funny is kind of combining that with a weird supernatural element [which we] made a short film about the world ending in 2006 and … we thought maybe we can combine those two ideas and make the strangest movie of all time.”

So were any of the castmates, who are also Seth’s real-life buddies, hesitant to play exaggerated versions of themselves?

Jonah Hill Explains His Exaggerated Self in This Is the End

“Not really,” Seth admitted. “I mean, I don’t think we would have wanted anyone if they were because we knew what we were going to ultimately ask them to do would be so much crazier even than what was in the scripts. So if they had any trepidation about what we presented then they probably weren’t the right people for us. But no one did honestly, like everyone was completely onboard to make themselves look terrible.”

And one person who was also down to be a part of the hilarious flick was singer Rihanna, who gets slapped on the backside my Michael Cera in one scene (Watch it below in the trailer at the :25 mark).

“We did maybe three or four [takes] and he asked her if he could actually slap her butt and she said he could if she could actually slap him back in the face which she did,” Seth shares:. “And I think one of the times she got him in the ear and it wacked off his equilibrium and he had to go lie down in his trailer for a little bit.”

…Only in a Seth Rogen movie, right?

Be sure to catch This Is the End out in theaters now!