Katy Perry Explains Why She Dyes Her Hair Black

June 18, 2013 10:10 am

It’s hard to imagine Katy Perry as a blonde, but she is naturally. So then why does she dye her hair so dark?

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In a video to promote her July Vogue cover, the “Firework” singer explains that she has dyed her hair black since she was 15 because she felt like her natural blond locks “just didn’t look right.” As her make-up artist is putting on his final touches in the clip, she says that she always makes sure her eyes look great because “my brows and my eyes are, I think, what frame my whole face.”

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Katy, 28, admits that she is ready to have her makeup look more “age-appropriate” and ditch her usual bright colors and sparkles. Check out all of this and many more secrets from Katy herself in the video below: