Matthew Morrison Reveals How Adam Levine Is As a Boss

June 19, 2013 8:20 pm

Matthew Morrison is getting back to his roots with the help of Adam Levine.

The Glee star has tapped back into his Broadway beginnings and released his second studio album Where It All Began under Maroon 5 frontman’s record label 222 Records.

So what’s it like having The Voice coach as your boss?

Matthew shares with On Air with Ryan Seacrest Adam’s as cool a boss as you’d expect!

“He was pretty hands off. He came in to the studio a few times but the great thing about him is he’s an artist himself and knows how an artist should be treated so he really just gave me that freedom to make the album I wanted to make with little interruption.”

We’ll work for Adam any day!

Download your copy of Where It All Began on iTunes here!