The Heat’s Sandra Bullock: Melissa McCarthy Is My Sexiest Co-Star

June 20, 2013 8:20 pm

Sandra Bullock has had her fair share of sexy co-stars.

So when it comes to deciding who is the hottest between Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney  and Bradley Cooper, who does the Oscar-winning actress crown? Believe it or not, none of them!

The actress who stars alongside funny gal Melissa McCarthy in The Heat revealed Melissa is in fact her hottest co-star!

“Melissa McCarthy’s the hottest co-star of all time! Melissa McCarthy is my hottest co-star,” the actress laughs.

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The actress also shared: “The way Melissa and I enjoy life…is exactly the same. We both have the same life sensibilities…and love to do…the same things…so it was a kindred spirit.”

In our opinion, maybe one of the best duo’s ever!

Catch The Heat in theaters June 28th.