10 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Would Make the Perfect BFF

June 26, 2013 10:43 am

Can you believe that today is Ariana Grande‘s 20th birthday? Well, she couldn’t even believe it either!

There’s so much to love about Miss Grande, so in honor of her big birthday we complied the 10 reasons she she would make the perfect BFF:

1. She would make a great shopping partner
Her girly and stylish wardrobe that she often posts on Instagram shows how much she loves fashion and we often wonder where we can get her clothes! Ariana loves to shop at stores like TopShop and Urban Outfitters and we could definitely see her making the best mall buddy.




2. She’s an animal lover
Ariana has a soft spot for anything small and furry. She often posts pictures of her adorable little dog, Coco Suzy Grande, on Instagram and other random pictures of baby animals. So, puppy playdate it is?


3. She’s a total goof
If you have seen any of Ariana’s videos on YouTube, the girl loves to make silly videos of herself with her friends, which means she loves to have lots of  fun. Watch this funny video of Ariana reciting the Mac Miller rap in her song “The Way,” which she made for RyanSeacrest.com!


4. She’s still a kid at heart
Based on many of her Instagram and Twitter photos, Ariana loves Disney movies and has visited the Magic Kingdom quite a few times. The signature bow she often places in her hair also shows her playful and childish side that she is just not ready to let go of. Don’t we all wish to be forever young?






5. She’s a Harry Potter fan
For all you Hogwarts lovers out there, Ariana is a huge fan! She loves the Harry Potter series so much she even expressed that she wants a Harry Potter-themed birthday this year.


6. She’s a foodie
We wouldn’t have a problem going out to eat with this girl because she loves basically every kind of food. Her most favorite foods are sushi, strawberries, and ice cream.

Oh, and cake too.


7. She loves her family
Ariana is very close with her family and friends and often expresses her love for each and every one of them. Someone who loves their family that much means she’d love her bestie even more! (post insta pic of fam)

Instagram- "Grandpa ❤❤❤"

Instagram- “Grandpa ❤❤❤”


8. She’s always down for a girls-night-in
When she’s not busy performing or acting, Ariana likes to lay low and cuddle up with her favorite food and a good movie. We couldn’t think of a better night!




9. She’s caring
This girl is not the selfish type and often goes out of her way to follow her fans on Twitter. She never fails to mention how grateful she is for the love and support of them all.


10. Ariana is crazy talented
With an outrageous voice like Ariana’s she’s be a pretty good partner at karaoke but we have to wonder what more can she do. Well, watch her do some awesome celebrity impersonations:

Need we say more?