Mireille Enos: ‘World War Z’ Co-Star Brad Pitt Is ‘Approachable’

June 26, 2013 9:25 pm

Mireille Enos takes on the role of Brad Pitt‘s wife in the well-received action-thriller World War Z and even scores a kiss from her on-screen hubby.

So how was working with one of Hollywood’s hunkiest men?

“He was delightful,” Mireille shares with On Air with Ryan Seacrest“I think the thing that comes through the most is how approachable and warm and what a dad he is.”

Watch the World War Z Trailer Here

The actress explains that Brad tapped into his dad role when it came to being onset, as well. “We had three kids in the movie and he just put so much energy in to making them feel comfortable.”

Swoon much?!

Catch World War Z out in theaters now.