Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Justin Bieber Fans in Hilarious Video

June 27, 2013 10:21 am

Justin Bieber fans may be the most loyal and supportive fans out there! And when something bad is said about Biebs, they’ll stand right by his side … even when the stories are not exactly true.

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Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host tested Justin’s fan base to see how they would respond to fake stories about their favorite singer.

“We want to see how blindly his fans will follow him and it turns out the answer is very very blindly,” Kimmel explained.

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As a reporter for the show asked made-up stories — like if it was ok that Justin punched his grandmother in the stomach– outside his Staples Center concert, gullible fans responded with some hilarious answers, not even knowing that the stories were fake.

Watch the hilarious video above… the answers might shock you!