Instagram Video’s First Week: 12 Most Creative and Crazy Clips

June 28, 2013 2:03 pm

Last Friday, Instagram gave iPhone and Android users an entirely new way to express themselves through filtered lenses, only this time they’ve expanded beyond the still image.

The new 15-second video feature gives Instagram users a chance to share a short film with their followers and enhance it through different colored lenses (other than the typical filters used for photos).

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Over the course its first week, there have been some hilarious, beautiful, and creative videos posted to Instagram, showing us that this cool new feature is so much fun and is definitely here to stay.

Check out our 12 favorites from the week by simply clicking the images below! Whether they’re insanely interesting or just downright funny, these 15-second mini films are worth a watch!

12. Burberry’s Vintage Vid Takes Us Back to the ’60s
This short video shows off the designer’s classic style with a mod ’60s feel.

A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London

11. Madonna Gives Nicki Minaj a Run for Her Money
Always fit and fabulous Madonna shows off her rocking bod and her booty popping skills in this up close and personal Insta Vid.

Hard candy booty pop up class! Getting ready in the bathroom! NY her I Come !

10. Chef Jamie Oliver Teaches Us a Thing or Two About Potatoes
Jamie Oliver gives his followers a firsthand look at his passion for fresh and healthy food.

New potatoes are ready just picking veggies for Fifteen restaurant herbs galore salads thundering away broad beans are amazing you can currently eat the whole pod as well there so small and tender good times ...hope your all well big love #jamie

9. Snoop Dogg Gets Soulful
We wish we could tell you more about what’s exactly going on in Snoop Dogg’s odd video, but we can definitely say this: We were LOL-ing pretty hard after watching it.

I choose u

8. Yoga Gets Insta-fied
@yoga_girl became Instafamous after users came across her wacky Instagrammed photos of handstands and headstands. Now, she’s showing her followers just how to contort their bodies into such wild positions with the video feature on the app.

Flying Pigeon - the how to! Instagram won't allow longer captions for videos (bummer) so I posted a step by step tutorial on the blog. Go to to read it and learn key points of alignment for this pose. #yogaeverydamnday !

7. Epic Rap Battles Makes Animals Sing
Epic Rap Battles posted this crazy video that left us laughing and scratching our heads. Umm…what just happened?

6. iJustine Shows off Her Most Flattering Angles
YouTube sensation iJustine gives us an up close and personal look at her, erm, “prettiest” angles.

How pretty? REAL pretty.

5. The Biebs Can’t Stop Giggling
Justin Bieber took his obsessive selfies to another level when he posted his first-ever Instagram video. Though it doesn’t give the pop icon as much screen time as we would like, we can’t help but go “awww” as he giggles throughout the 15-second vid.


4. Channing Tatum and Joey King Get Groovy
New daddy Channing Tatum showed off his infamous moves with Joey King in their cute Instagram Video!

First look at #Channshake Part 2 with @JoeyKingActress! #WHD #WHDtour

3. Adrian Grenier Takes the Mirror Pic to a Whole New Level With His Fondue Filled 15 Seconds of InstaFame
The Entourage star shows us how he likes to eat his marshmallows…dipped in melted chocolate. Now if only our screens had Smell-O-Vision!

Oh, damn.

2. Josh Henderson Gave InstaVid a Mouthful When His Dinner Didn’t Upload
Josh Henderson got a little cranky after the video of his dinner disappeared. Oh Josh, you know how much we look forward to seeing your food!

Lets try this again.. #sofrustrating #yallmisseddinner #instavidfail

1. Brandon Jenner Turns Wife Into a Puppet
Keeping Up with the Kardashiansstar Brandon Jenner created this interesting stop-motion video featuring his wife, Leah, as his puppet-like star.

The puppet... @leah_jenner

What have been your favorite Instagram videos so far? Leave a comment below or tweet us your faves at @OnAirWithRyan!