‘The Hills’ Creator Reveals Alternate Ending Was His First Choice

June 30, 2013 7:45 pm

Lauren Conrad fans rejoice!

After it was revealed last week MTV will air an alternate ending of the hit show The Hills this summer, three years after the original finale stunned fans, we had to wonder–how can they possibly top it?

Series creator Adam DiVello tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest the unaired conclusion, which will debut August 9 as part of the Retro MTV Brunch programming block, will surely make fans happy.

MTV to Air Alternate Ending for The Hills on August 9

Adam shares: “Fans of the show will definitely enjoy this alternate ending. We had handed in two versions of the finale and since the show was fed live from the Roosevelt Hotel that night, no one knew which version MTV chose until we all saw it on air”.

In fact, the producer reveals, “although I’m very proud of the ending that aired, it wasn’t my first choice.” “I’m glad MTV is finally sharing this version with the fans of the show, who we ultimately made it for”. Adding, “I’m curious to see what the fans reactions will be and which ending they would have chosen”.

We can’t wait!  Catch the alternate ending August 9th at 11:30am/10:30c on MTV.