‘The Wanted Life’ Recap: Will the Party End for Max?

June 30, 2013 10:32 pm

The Wanted have been enjoying the perks of fame, but on this Sunday’s The Wanted Life, not everyone who lives in the mansion wants to party all the time.

While Siva and Nareesha are hanging out upstairs, where she is working on her shoe designs, a massive blowout is going on downstairs … and she can’t take the distractions anymore.

“I hear people in the Jacuzzi,” she complains. “I hear random girls — I don’t know who they are — screaming … It’s crazy. These people have no respect. It’s a little bit of a nightmare.”

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Siva decides to take matters into his own hands and has a talk with his bandmates, especially Max.

“But she doesn’t have to live here,” counters Max, who’s wearing a sombrero. “We said it was ok for her to live here for your benefit,” which really upsets Siva.

“Should I stop doing what I do because we have a nocturnal shoe designer in the house?” asks Max.

Sure enough, he has another party, and this time it goes too far when one of his female friends wanders into Siva and Nareesha’s bedroom while they’re sleeping.

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Once everyone gets on the same page about parties in the house, it’s time to get to work for The Wanted, who are filming their music video for “Walks Like Rihanna,” which is an ode to boy bands of the past.

But when they watch the final product at their manager’s office, Siva is frustrated to see that he’s barely in it. Later in the confessional interview, he describes the slight as “upsetting.”

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