Watch: Puppy Parody of Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ Video

June 30, 2013 3:00 am

If Miley Cyrus can do anything she wants, so can dogs!

In Petodies brilliant parody of “We Can’t Stop,” an adorable Maltese named “Maltey Cyrus” and a group of dogs got together for a tune that’s gone viral titled, “We Can Bark.”

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Not only do the dogs take on Miley’s song in the clip, but also her look. Throughout the video you’ll see pups rocking sunglasses, backwards baseball caps, teddy bear backpacks, and one pug even licks a stuffed animal version of itself just like Miley did in her video.

Another hilarious comparison of the parody include a skull made out of dog bones, instead of French fries.

Even the lyrics get a makeover. “I’m a doggie, I can do what I want / I’m a puppy, I can do what I want / I can lick what I want, bark when I want, roll where I want.”

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If you’re a dog lover, Miley lover, or a fan of anything funny — you must watch the video above and tell us what you think, do the dogs sing it better than Miley?!

And if you still haven’t gotten a chance to watch the most talked about music video of the summer, be sure to check out the real “We Can’t Stop” below!