Kim Kardashian’s Baby Is ‘Laughing and Giggling’ Already!


Kim Kardashian‘s baby North West is not only gorgeous, but already smiling and laughing at only 2-weeks-old!

Kim’s good friend and Pussycat Dolls founder and choreographer Robin Antin reveals to On Air with Ryan Seacrest little baby North is healthy and happy!

“I met baby North right after she was born and I went to the hospital and Kim was just so beautiful and glowing and she truly is the best mom,” the founder of girl group G.R.L. shares. “She’s having so much fun. I mean it was just amazing. I was with her the day before she had the baby and she didn’t know she was going to have it … [but] she’s just a beautiful little girl. She has the prettiest little face.”

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Robin reveals that both parents are also doing well, and their relationship is better than ever. “Seeing Kim and Kanye [West] together, you can just feel the love and the connection that is just absolutely beautiful,” Robin adds.

So does baby North really look just like Kim?

“When I was looking at her, I definitely thought she did. And then Kim was saying, ‘You know, maybe she has a little pout about her lip that’s maybe Kanye?’ … She just, literally, her features are perfect. You know for such a tiny little baby, sometimes you can’t tell, but honestly there’s something about her little face you can tell she’s so pretty and she was laughing and giggling!”

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Robin clearly is proud of her friend and her little bundle of joy, because she can’t stop gushing. “Like she had this little smile. I’m telling you, she was literally just born and had this little smile on her face and I kept going, ‘Kim! Kim! Get the camera! Oh my god, she’s smiling!’ And she’s like, ‘I know! I’ve taken 5 million pictures of that smile.’ It’s so weird! I’ve ever seen a newborn smile like that!”

Now that’s a smile we can’t wait to see!

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