Armie Hammer Reveals He Got Rowdy with Johnny Depp in Russia


Armie Hammer has joined forces with Johnny Depp in Disney’s latest adventure comedy The Lone Ranger and to prepare for their roles, Armie revealed they attended Cowboy camp. So is that how the actor broke his hand?!

Not so fast.

Armie reveals to On Air with Ryan Seacrest he broke his hand after filming was complete.

Armie Hammer on First Meeting Lone Ranger Co-Star Johnny Depp

The actor laughs: “We got to go over [to Russia] to promote The Lone Ranger maybe a month and a half, two months ago. We drank, then ate, then drank.”

Adding, “let’s just say we might have had too good of a time in Moscow. The Russians get the better of you.”

We can only imagine how much fun those two had! Catch The Lone Ranger out in theaters now.