DIY Your Fourth of July: Easy and Fashionable Tips for Patriotic Party


Worried that your Independence Day bash isn’t up to par? Don’t let Fourth of July party preparation stress you out!

Here are some easy ways to DIY your Fourth of July tips to make you and your party sparkle.

Floral Fourth of July Headbands

Christopher Polk/ Getty Images Entertainment

Christopher Polk/ Getty Images Entertainment

Flower headpieces are all the rage this summer, whether you’re at an outdoor concert or a backyard party, they are the perfect accessory to spark your Fourth of July spirit. Floral headbands have been seen everywhere, even on celebrities like Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens, and Taylor Swift.

To make a patriotic headpiece, all you need is crafting wire, scissors, hot glue, and red, white, and blue flowers either from your garden or plastic flowers from your local crafting store.

Simply measure the crafting wire around your head to get the approximate size of the headband you want and attach your flowers onto the wire using hot glue or wrap them around the wire for a more natural look.


Decorative Mason Jars



When thinking of a summer party, mason jars are a go-to to fill up with flavorful drinks or to use as a decoration piece to hold party favors or utensils.

To make a cool personalized mason jar cup, all you’ll need is chalkboard paint and masking tape.

First, place the tape on the jar to section off the area where you will be spray painting. Then, spray the area with chalkboard paint and wait until the paint is dry to take off the tape.

If you’re using your jar as a table decoration, try spray painting it red, white, and blue and add anything you want inside of it, like party favors or mini American flags to give your table a more festive look.


American Flag Shorts

Free People

Free People

These DIY shorts have yet to go out of style because they are the perfect way to show off your patriotic pride.

To turn your plain Jane shorts into something spectacular, all you’ll need to do is stencil the left side of your shorts with stars and tape off the right side of the shorts horizontally into sections to resemble the American flag.

Spray down the stars with a stencil and wait to remove it once the paint is dry.

Then, create stripes with masking tape, leaving a little space in between each piece to spray paint red to create the red stripes that are on the flag. When you’re finished, remove the tape and let the shorts dry.

These shorts will have you seeing stars!


Red, White, and Blue Wreaths



Welcome your guests to the party with a creative and decorative red, white, and blue wreath.

To make these festive wreaths, take clothespins and spray paint them in the colors of the American Flag: red, white, and blue. After you spray-paint the blue clothespins, take star stickers and put a few on each one.

Once all the clothespins are painted, use either a thick wire hoop or an embroidery hoop and clip the clothespins onto the hoop in such a way that resembles the American flag: blue pins on upper left side, with red and white pins alternating on the remainder of the hoop.


Tin Can Luminaries



These fun and easy candle lanterns will light up any party!

To make, you’ll need a few tin cans, a nail, hammer, and red, white, and blue spray paint.

Figure out what design you want to put on your tin can first, and then with a nail and hammer, make holes into the can outlining your patriotic design. Once you’ve done that, paint the cans red, white, and blue (just like in the photo above).

In the end, your candle will illuminate the design on your tin can, making your party shine that much more.


Creative Kicks



If you don’t have any idea what you’ll wear for the celebration yet, you can always opt for getting crafty with your Converse! If you don’t have those, simply any plain white pair of shoes will do … as long as you add some stars and stripes. Fabric markers or paint can be used to decorate your shoes any way you want them.

Let us know what DIY projects you will be doing for the 4th!