Watch: Liam Hemsworth Gets Steamy in ‘Paranoia’ Trailer


As if the wait for Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire isn’t enough, an official trailer for another Liam Hemsworth movie, Paranoia, has just been released.

Not only is the Australian hunk shirtless for half the trailer, but he stars alongside a knockout cast including Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. As if that’s not enough to make you want to check out the clip, Liam even gets steamy in the trailer with Machete Kills star Amber Heard.

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The 23-year-old plays a tech-savvy student Adam Cassidy, a Brooklyn native who lives with his dad and is struggling to make ends meet. The young guy is hired to penetrate a rival corporation to steal trade secrets and finds himself deep in the world of business espionage.

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Liam admitted to Yahoo! that he was a little intimidated to work with such well-established industry veterans — which ironically seems fitting for his character as Ford plays a scheming tycoon and Oldman a powerful CEO. Liam explained, “Knowing that those guys were aboard is pretty frightening. I’ve never worked with people like that before.”

The movie is set to hit theaters August 16. Check out the trailer above!