‘The Wanted Life’ Preview: Jay’s Spray Tan Goes Awry


Now that he’s living in Los Angeles, The Wanted‘s Jay McGuiness feels like his skin should reflect that.

In a preview clip for this Sunday’s The Wanted Life, the pasty Brit decides to get a spray tan. But before he does, of course, the rest of The Wanted instruct the woman who’s doing it to make him darker than he had originally asked.

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Immediately after the spray tan, Jay realizes he’s a little too tan and asks if he will get any darker — to which he learns the tan will continue to deepen for the next 12 hours … so he jumps in the pool to wash it off!

In another preview (below), Max George ruminates over his recent movie audition and whether it will earn him a movie star girlfriend.

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The Wanted Life airs every Sunday on E! at 10/9c.