Brandon Jenner and Leah Felder Perform Songs From Debut EP


On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Brandon Jenner and his wife Leah are set to release their debut EP, but her worries get the best of her and she second-guesses releasing it.

Leah’s fears get stronger after Ryan Seacrest asks them to perform. But as fans saw in the episode, she eventually confronts her feelings and she and Brandon not only release their EP, Cronies, they also put on a great show.

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The three songs the married couple performed at their Malibu recording studio — with their friends and family, including Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner looking on — were “Showstopper” (the theme song for the third season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami), “Boom Boom Boom,” and a cover of Mike Snow’s “Animal.”

As for their sound, which is influenced by Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, Brandon describes it as “hip hop-based, reggae influenced soul music,” while Leah slightly disagrees and calls it “rhythmic indie pop.”

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But what about the flow she spits out on “Showstopper”?

“I absolutely love rap music and I listen to rap music although I never aspired to be a rapper,” she explains. “It’s just sort of when he lays down sort of a rhythmic groove that’s just sort of what comes out sometimes — not all the time!”

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What do you think?

Fans of Brandon and Leah’s music can download Cronies on iTunes and Amazon, and if you want to preview it first, check out their YouTube page.