Poll: Which Music Genre Has the Best Concert Experience?


It’s summer concert season and both indoor and outdoor venues are gearing up for all kinds of major acts to grace their stage.

But with each different type of artist, there is a totally different concert experience. We want to know: What type of music gives fans the best time?

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Rock: From the classics like Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones to modern acts Imagine Dragons and The Killers, rock concerts are dominant on the summer concert circuit.

Dressed in their rock t-shirts, fans have a tendency to be very supportive groupies that know the lyrics to all of their favorite band’s songs. Outdoor venues give concert-goers the feeling of how massive their favorite bands are on a stadium stage.

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Country: Bust out your boots and cowboy hats for a rowdy time at a summer country concert. Once you are there, be prepared to make friends quickly as every stranger is ready to bond over a PBR and a great song.

No one can be upset at a country show when the songs are all about love, whiskey and friends. Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and many more of  the genre’s stars are on tour this summer and coming to a town near you.

Country Fans

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Pop: Bring Top 40 radio to life this summer by going to see one of today’s chart-topping artists.

The crowd is always young and the music is always changing. Most likely an artist will play a song that has not been released yet, which gives the crowd a new experience at every show. Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and Beyonce are all on the road this summer.

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Electronic Dance Music (EDM): Some people believe it’s just noise, but EDM lovers go all out when It comes to their concerts.

From neon clothes, to rave glasses and everything in between, outdoor venues provide a huge dance floor for people to jump around on. Most of the outdoor concerts for EDM come in the form of festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, which this year featured Tiesto, Fatboy Slim, AVICII and many more.

Fans at Rave

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Rap: Jay Z is hitting the road with Justin Timberlake in what is the most anticipated tour of the summer. Unlike the other genres, rap has a unique vibe in which fans mostly keep to themselves and are focused on the music and the artist.

It’s up to you to decide which genre is best to go see this summer?