‘The Wanted Life’ Recap: The Wanted Escape to the Bahamas


The Wanted have already conquered Los Angeles, and on this week’s The Wanted Life, the U.K. boy band are headed to the Bahamas.

Although they are set to perform there at the Atlantis resort, they’ll also have a few days of down time, and Max thinks it will be perfect since Nathan has been down ever since his issues with his throat.

But before they go, there’s one thing Jay needs to work on: his tan! To help, the boys arrange for him to get a spray tan  … but of course, they couldn’t help but tell the woman who was applying it to make it darker than usual.

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Once in the Bahamas, The Wanted first hit the beach (and some shots) before heading to their soundcheck, which is a bit harder than usual since Nathan cannot sing and someone else will have to pick up his parts.

“I feel a tiny bit disconnected,” admits Nathan, as he watches from the audience. “I can’t do what I’m meant to do … I feel inadequate.”

In order to make him feel better, the guys convince a female fan to give him a birthday kiss, which certainly helps.

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But the fun soon ends when Nathan’s doctor tell him to cut his trip short and fly back to L.A. at once to undergo surgery for his voice since he is only getting worse, despite the vocal rest.

Next Sunday, on the season finale of The Wanted Life, he finally goes under the knife, as Max debates an acting career and Siva questions if he should quit the band.

Catch The Wanted Life on Sunday on E! at 10/9c.