Listen to Beyoncé’s Solo Cut in Jay-Z Collaboration, ‘On The Run’


A solo version of Beyoncé’s lyrics in Jay-Z’s new track “Part II (On The Run)” has surfaced after the full song released last Thursday.

Playing off of the power couple’s 2003 hit collaboration “Bonnie & Clyde,” this new complete track goes deeper into the couple’s relationship.

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“Part II (On The Run)” is one of the reasons for all the buzz surrounding Jay-Z’s highly anticipated new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, as it was one of the first tracks to be leaked.

Other than Jay-Z’s lyrics being faded out from the track, the 32-year-old’s solo cut is identical to the original.

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The track is really a proclamation of the duo’s love for one another including lyrics like “And if loving you had a price, I would pay my life for you.”

This song is bound to give you goose bumps when Queen Bey ends the track with the line, ”Without you I got nothing to lose.”

Listen to Beyoncé’s solo version above and tell us what you think!