Exclusive: Sneak Peek of Priyanka and Pitbull’s ‘Exotic’ Video


Priyanka fans, the wait is nearly over!

On Thursday, July 11, the Bollywood star will debut the video for her collaboration with Pitbull, “Exotic,” right here on RyanSeacrest.com.

But until then, we have an exclusive sneak peek of the sexy video:

“Exotic” was produced by RedOne, the man behind many of Lady Gaga‘s biggest hits, and the video is sure to be just as hot: It was filmed in Miami, after all!

“The song is called ‘Exotic’ so I wanted to keep it just that,” Priyanka recently told The Wall Street Journal as for why they shot in South Beach. “It’s very dance-heavy, and in India, that’s what we do in all of our movies, so it definitely has an Indian flavor to it.”

Come back to RyanSeacrest.com on Thursday for the entire video … but until then, we give you five reasons to get pumped for “Exotic.”

Priyanka has perfected the wet hair toss:



As if we needed to convince you that she is simply stunning!



 Did we mention it also stars Pitbull?



Priyanka and her backup dancers get down in the wilds of Miami.



The math is simple: Priyanka + Pitbull = Perfection