Priyanka Dishes on All the Details from ‘Exotic’ Video With Pitbull


Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra debuted the video for her collaboration with Pitbull, “Exotic,” on Thursday, and it perfectly suits the sexy song.

Now, has all the exclusive details on the fashion and the dance moves … straight from the gorgeous Priyanka!

There are so many amazing looks in the video, especially the singer’s chic footwear. None other than Christian Louboutin created four stunning pieces for the “Exotic” shoot.

In one scene, Priyanka lounges by a pool in an ’80s-inspired neon outfit, which she pairs with pop-art heels. The shoes, says Priyanka, “added the extra spark to the look.”

Another pair of custom Louboutins make an appearance by the pool … and they even go into it (gasp!), as Priyanka takes a walk through the water. Was she concerned about what Christian might think?


“My biggest worry was Christian  would kill me for walking into the water with his beautiful shoes,” explains Priyanka. “I was too scared to ask him so I guess we’ll know when he watches the video! But I just have to say that he makes the most amazing shoes because they not only survived my walk through the pool but it was perfectly fine when they dried off!”

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Not only are the shoes in perfect shape, but they went on to a good owner. After the shoot, Christian and Priyanka decided they should be auctioned off at a UNICEF charity event, for which the proceeds went to help underprivileged girls in India.

Another aspect of the video we took notice of is Priyanka’s Bollywood-inspired dance moves, especially what she does with her hands.


“That was so much fun to come up with!” she explains. “[Choreographer] Richy Jackson and I wanted to make it fun and easy … something people would like to try out when they’re out in club or just anywhere … It’s actually an amalgamation of the various Indian moves that I combined to make this step, so I guess we can call it the ‘Priyanka’… hahahaha! It’s such a easy, cool step that I totally see people using it in nightclubs or anytime they feel the need to dance … It’s so exotic!”

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As for her sexy co-star in “Exotic,” Priyanka says Pitbull was on her wish list from the moment she recorded the track with mega-producer RedOne.


“RedOne and I were both very clear that we needed to have a rapper on the song as it would add a whole new dimension to it,” she explains. “We both agreed that Pitbull was the perfect choice … we sent him the song, he loved it, created the lyrics and recorded it. It was that simple … we didn’t change a thing. It was perfect. It was super fun working with Pitbull. He has such an infectious energy about him.”

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Luckily for Priyanka, RedOne is producing her entire upcoming album, which also features … but that won’t be all, she promises. “We have many more surprises planned in the form of collaborations/duets!”