Throwback Thursday TV: Why You Should Go Back and Watch ‘Friends’


If you have a lot of buddies, just a few, or none at all … you’re in luck, thanks to the cast of Friends.

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Matthew Perry (Chandler), and David Schwimmer (Ross) were the most talked-about group of pals from 1994 to 2004 and TV Guide readers voted the NBC sitcom as the Best Comedy cast of all time.

You can’t help but feel like you are best friends with each of the Manhattan buds as you laugh, cry, and smile along with them inside the Central Perk coffee shop.

#ThrowbackThursday What The Cool Kids Were Doing 15 Years Ago

Along with TV Guide ranking the show No. 21 on their list of the 50 greatest shows of all time, the series finale was watched by 51.1 million American viewers and is the fourth most-watched series finale and was the most-watched episode of the decade!

The show was also the last sitcom to reach the No. 1 spot on television, as its replacements were CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, American Idol, and NBC Sunday Night Football.

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While some may think of Friends as just a “TV show,” some consider it to be a cultural phenomenon that impacted styles, pick-up lines, friendship dynamics, and much more.

Check out these 8 memorable moments from the show below! You’ll definitely want to go back and watch all 236 episodes again after this blast from the past.

The Best Theme Song: “I’ll Be There for You” by the Rembrandts


The Most Famous Pick-up Line: Joey’s “Hey, how you doin?”


The Best (Or Worst) Musical Performances: Phoebe’s various renditions of “Smelly Cat”


The Wackiest Holiday Celebrations: Ross as the “Holiday Armadillo”


The Most Dramatic Couple: Ross and Rachel


The Biggest Jokester: Chandler aka “The Chan Chan Man”


The Funniest Flashback: When Monica was fat


The Most Memorable Laugh: Chandler’s former girlfriend Janice