‘Sharknado’ Twitter Reactions Are Better Than The Actual Movie!


Just in case Twitter didn’t already let you know, on Thursday night the SyFy channel premiered its latest horror flick Sharknado, a disaster movie about a tornado that hurls a bunch of psychotic finned fish into Los Angeles (hence the brilliant title ‘Sharknado.’)

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Starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, Sharknado is no Oscar contender, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy the freaky film even just a little bit.

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Possibly even more enjoyable than the campy flick itself though was the insane response it got on Twitter. Shortly after the film began at 9 p.m., #Sharknado was trending on Twitter and tweets about the SyFy feature peaked at about 5,000 per minute.

With such a large presence in the Twitterverse, we knew celebs were tuning into the flick so we hunted for the 10 funniest Sharknado reactions. Check them out!

10. Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Wilde Want to be a Two-Headed Shark

The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks made no effort to hide her disappointment at not being considered for a role in Sharknado 2, while Olivia Wilde suggested a strange character that she and Elizabeth could play together.

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9. BJ Novak Poses a Real Concern

Well-known for his role in The Office, BJ Novak reminds us of the very real possibility of an actual “sharknado.”

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8. Mia Farrow Can’t Contain Her Excitement

Actress Mia Farrow expresses her excitement about the tornado filled with sharks in three simple words.

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7. Judah Friedlander Proposes Sharknado Sequels

30 Rock‘s Judah Friedlander was quite inspired by the artistry of Sharknado, however we don’t think we’ll be watching any of his proposed movie ideas anytime soon.

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6. Rob Delaney Bashes Wes Anderson

Comedian Rob Delaney took a hilarious stab at filmmaker Wes Anderson‘s attraction to dark comedies by giving him faux credit for the horrifying yet hysterical SyFy film. Anthony C. Ferrante is actually the mastermind behind this shocking film.

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5. Jackson Rathbone Promotes Catsoon

Most famous for his role as the unpredictable and brooding Jasper in the Twilight series, Jackson Rathbone shows us he has a sense of humor quite unlike his vampire alter ego.

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4. Horatio Sanz Remembers A Sharknado Victim

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Horatio Sanz shared his very personal feelings about the killer shark filled tornado. RIP Ramon.

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3. Patton Oswalt

Actor Patton Oswalt suggests an incredible idea for another Sharknado-esque film!

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2. Ian Ziering

And now to hear it from the Sharknado stars themselves! 90210‘s Ian Ziering accurately summed up the film in a few funny words.

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1. Tara Reid

Blonde bombshell Tara Reid took to her Twitter account to compare her shark-infested tornado flick with the plane overcome by snakes. Snakes on a Plane was cool and all, but we think Sharknado takes the cake for most creative plot line!

What did you think of Sharknado? Horribly hilarious or downright disastrous? Tell us in the comments!