‘The Wanted Life’ Finale: 5 Best Moments From This Season


Can you believe the first season of The Wanted Life is already coming to a close? And are you as sad as we are?

The one-hour season finale is airing this Sunday, July 14 (at 10/9c on E!), which means soon enough we will only be able to catch our favorite lads from across the pond, Jay, Max, Nathan, Tom, and Siva, in re-runs.

‘The Wanted Life’: Jay Gets Teased for Wearing Silk Boxers

In honor of The Wanted‘s good times (partying, performing for the president, giving back to their fans) — and a few not-as-good, like nursing all those hangovers — we’re counting down our 5 favorite moments from this season.

When The Wanted Performed at The White House and Met the First Lady

It’s quite a big deal for a boy band from the U.K. to be invited to perform at The White House and meet the First Lady! “Let’s Google lots of president stuff, so we don’t sound ignorant when we get there,” joked Jay when the group found out about the gig. And when they finally arrived at the First Family’s home, the Wanted were in typical bumbling fashion. Just moments before Michelle Obama walked in to greet them, they were debating who was going to stand where in the receiving line and how they were not going to embarrass themselves.


That Time Max Wore a Sombrero During a Serious Conversation With Siva and Nareesha

Parties are a dime a dozen in The Wanted’s Los Angeles mansion, but after one particularly rowdy soiree, Siva and Nareesha have had enough and sit Max down to complain about the noise. After they both explain that late nights are when she is most creative and parties ruin that flow, Max — wearing a sombrero! — asks “Should I stop doing what I do because I have a nocturnal shoe designer in the house?” As funny as that is, he has a point, no?


When Max Cried Because His Brother Had to Head Back to England

It’s rare to see a moment of seriousness from Max, but tears were a whole new level of surprise. The water works came on (even for us watching at home!) when Max had to say goodbye to his older brother Jack after he spent a week in L.A. “I’m gutted he’s leaving,” said Max as he wiped his eyes. And his sadness rubbed off on his housemates, Tom and his girlfriend Kelsey, who also started to get misty-eyed.


When The Wanted Visited a Children’s Hospital

If we learned anything about The Wanted — besides their love of partying — it’s that they really enjoy giving back to their fans. And that was exemplified when they guys visited a children’s hospital and sat down for an interview with Ryan Seacrest as the young patients watched. They then performed for them all and even took the time to give hugs and pose for photos.


The Very First Time the Wanted Got to See Their Massive L.A. Mansion

It was fun to see The Wanted first lay their eyes on their new home in L.A. … a massive mansion with views of the city and the Valley. “I still can’t believe this is my life,” exclaimed Tom, who then jumped in Max’s arms. As they surveyed the place, Nathan commented, “Oh, the parties we’re going to have here …” And he was not kidding!

How much did you enjoy the first season of The Wanted Life?