What the Cast of ‘Grown Ups 2’ Did During Their Younger Years


Grown Ups 2 is set to hit theaters this Friday, July 12, and it is only fitting to take a look at what the cast was like before they all became big time stars … and, well, grown ups.

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Adam Sandler: Mr. Everything
The man who would become Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Mr. Deeds started as a basketball player on the Junior Varsity team at Manchester High School in New Hampshire. Adam also wrestled and began his music career at age 11 when he sang at his sister Elizabeth’s wedding. He went on to form a rock n’ roll cover band that performed in the New England area. The star of Grown Ups 2 performed his first stand-up routine at 17 years old at a Boston comedy club.

Adam Sandler


Kevin James: The Athlete
The star of The King of Queens and Paul Blart Mall Cop was a standout wrestler at Ward Melville High School on Long Island, New York. He changed over to football his senior year and it worked out as he played football at Cortland University. Kevin studied Sports Management before moving on to his stand-up career in 1989.

Kevin James


Chris Rock: Schooled with Experience
After being bullied throughout his entire schooling experience (which he now incorporates into his stand-up routine), Chris dropped out of high school all together to begin his journey to international success. He did however perform some odd jobs along the way, most notably working various jobs at fast food restaurants.

Chris Rock


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David Spade: The Prankster
Suspended from school for posting unauthorized “Class of 1982 Rocks” posters around the hallways, the future Joe Dirt and Tommy Boy star attended Arizona State University, where he earned a degree in business in 1986. In high school, David was known for his stink bombs and prankster sense of humor. He also worked in a skateboard shop for a while before making it big on Saturday Night Live in 1990.

David Spade


Salma Hayek: The Pretty Girl
Born into a well-to-do family in Mexico, Salma was sent to a prestigious private school in Louisiana where she was expelled for turning the nuns clocks back three hours. While there, she was also diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 12. Salma returned to Mexico, where she spent a year at Universidad Iberoamericana majoring in International Relations, before she used her raw beauty and talent to instead pursue her acting career.

Salma Hayek