‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Recap: Kourtney’s Jealousy Issues


In this Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim stresses over her new house not being ready, and Kourtney  gets a little jealous when Scott goes “above and beyond” to help Kim out.

In an effort to alleviate Kim’s stress, Kris offers up her fully-gated home that would be free of any time limits and paparazzi, but both Kim and Kourtney believe their mom’s chaotic household wouldn’t be the best environment for a newborn baby.

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“I know it’s obviously easier to just move in with my mom, but I want some place I can just relax and enjoy the baby and learn so much along the way, and I don’t know if my mom’s house is the best place,” Kim says. Plus, she can’t deal with Kris’ all-black shower and toilet paper!

Bruce continues to mend his relationship with his sons, Brandon and Brody. During a car ride to Malibu, Brody recalls a bet his dad made to him and his brother 15 to 16 years ago when they pass a certain sand hill. Bruce said if they beat him to the top of that hill, Bruce would give each of them $100. For old times’ sake, they stopped at the bottom of the sand hill, and raced to the top. Brandon and Brody took full advantage of their dad’s age and won.

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Competition between Bruiser and Brandon heighten after the two enter a ping-pong tournament. To prepare for the big day, Brandon hires a professional ping-pong player, and Bruce buys a ping-pong ball machine worth $2,500. Bruce doesn’t make it to the final round of the tournament, but Brandon does, placing 2nd overall.

Toward the end of the episode, Kris asks Kim one more time to move in with her instead of searching for another house to rent until her new home is ready, and, finally, Kim agrees. “Yeah, we’ll give it a shot for a month while we look for something,” she says. “It’s just a compromise while I look.”

With Kourtney being so helpful throughout her younger sister’s pregnancy, you would think she would be okay if Scott helped Kim out, too. But that wasn’t the case in this episode. Kourtney throws a fit after Scott helps Kim assemble the baby’s stroller, takes Kim to dinner and a CPR class, and helps her set up the baby’s room. “It’s definitely annoying that Scott is willing to go above and beyond for Kim, when he never did for me,” Kourtney says.

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But Scott reassures Kourtney that he wants to make up for it now. “I definitely feel like I am a little guilty that I been may be a little bit more proactive with helping Kim, but the truth is, I’ve learned more and more throughout the two experiences I’ve had being pregnant with Kourtney,” he says. “If we were to get pregnant again, I would know all this!”

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