‘The Wanted Life’ Finale Recap: Will the Band Split?


After a season of watching the guys in The Wanted juggle the band and living in Los Angeles, it all came to a close in the season finale of The Wanted Life on Sunday night.

The episode began with Nathan heading into surgery to fix the polyps on his throat, which threaten his voice … and his career.

But he’s not the only member of The Wanted whose future in the group is up in the air. Max also announces to the group that he scored the film role he had auditioned for two weeks prior and the part will take him away from his Wanted duties for six weeks.

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Max, Jay, Tom, and Siva all show their solidarity though by leaving the Bahamas earlier than scheduled to be with Nathan as he recovers. Almost immediately after he wakes from surgery, the guys all come in and give him a hug … and the sweet gesture makes Nathan cry!

Still, the show must go on and the quartet head to San Diego to do their first performance without Nathan. “It’s going to be really strange,” says Max.

After a few weeks of no speaking, Nathan is ready to get back in true singing form. Back in England, he works with his vocal coach in order to get better by the time The Wanted perform at Wembley Stadium, but his coach warns that timeframe could be too soon and perhaps could do more harm to his voice.

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Siva also heads home from L.A., but once he gets back with Nareesha, she has some news for him: She’s been offered a deal to design her own dress line, which means she won’t be able to go on tour with The Wanted. Will that be enough to make Siva not want to go on tour either?

Just when it seems like The Wanted are falling apart, their manager Scooter Braun surprises them in London with a special guest just before their Wembley Stadium performance: Nathan! And in typical Wanted fashion, they welcome him by wrestling him to the ground and tickling him.

But it doesn’t mean he’ll be at 100 percent ready to perform with them, as Scooter says Nathan will be a “game time decision.”

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Of course, when the time comes for the band to hit the stage, Nathan is there! And when he joins them halfway through “I Found You,” the fans go crazy as he kills his A cappella verse in the song.

Afterwards, the band celebrate with family and friends, and Max tells his mom and brother than he’s decided to put his acting career on hold for The Wanted.

So then what’s next? Have a baby, according to Jay. “It’d be great to carry him around and call him something weird, like Arthur.”